Anna Guimadeev

Modo Yoga and Yin Instructor

Anna first stepped on a mat when she was a little girl, mimicking her father’s actions. Growing up she was taught that yoga is very good for you but it wasn’t until 2008 when she stepped out of her first guided hot yoga class that she fully realized how beneficial it was. Standing there dripping sweat in the change room she noticed how her aches and pains were gone, how relaxed her mind was; not wandering through unnecessary thoughts but rather focusing in on her breath and body. She made a vow then and there to practice regularly and was excited to observe the positive changes and how  her body and mind transformed with the regular practice.

Before Anna made the decision to become a Certified Yoga Instructor she studied health sciences and was particularly interested in Anatomy and Pathophysiology. These studies allowed Anna to truly understand all of the various health benefits of each posture and it really amazed her. The proven science behind the benefits on the body, as well as the beauty and healing powers of the meditation on the mind, were the main factors in making her decision to teach yoga. Anna wanted to share the wonderful benefits of yoga with the world, so she went to Los Angeles and completed herModo Teacher Training in 2013.