Mauro Quattrociocchi

Modo Yoga, Modo Flow and Yin Instructor

Along with holding a degree in Psychology, Mauro is a trained chef and has spent a lifetime working, in all capacities, in the hospitality industry. Mauro’s first introduction to yoga came while he was living in Santa Monica. The stress and hectic lifestyle that he was leading at the time sent him in search of something that might help mend his body and ease his mind. The first time he walked into a Modo studio, he knew he had found it.
From the first class he knew he had found his place in the universe and resolved to one day teach others and help them find their path. Mauro completed his Modo  training in Nicaragua 2017, Modo Flow in 2018, and has also completed 2 Yin training’s.  “We do not use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body”