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Sarah Stefoff

Hatha, and Yin Yoga Instructor

Sarah found her way to yoga through the desire of relieving muscle tension after training competitively in weight lifting for several years. The practice of yoga provided her body and mind a sense of relief that could not be matched elsewhere and initiated a practice of mindful awareness in her daily life. As this self directed healing practice continued, she wanted to help others find what she had within herself and became a certified YT in 2021. Focusing on uniting people with their breath in practice, Sarah spent much of her time teaching Hatha in Costa Rica and facilitating mediation workshops. She draws on the natural energies of the earth to ground and connect people to the constant flow of energy within their chakras. Yoga has helped Sarah to feel more connected to self, others and the environment in which we live and has followed this path into becoming an energy worker, sound healer and certified reflexologist. Her goal is to help others effectively learn how to heal themselves through natural modalities.