Build Your 2020 Yoga Series

Join Gillian and Kim for this 6-week series to help you get your year off right. Resolutions often feel lofty or so dramatic that they are hard to attain, or on the other hand they are so easy you can’t not succeed.

We want to help you set up 2020 up for greatness in a way that you can manifest, and attain, maintain and thrive with. This series integrates yoga and reflective journaling. Each session has a unique theme, that you can take off your mat into the world. A real opportunity to see the impact you have on your surroundings when you take time for a regular yoga practice.

Instead of making this a special workshop series for a special price, we’ve made this just a regular unheated class on the schedule. All you need is a pass, or membership, yoga mat, pen and paper. We’ll provide the guidance and instruction to develop the mindset for success.

Helpful info:

  • This series is in the Moon Room (our unheated studio), which means we’re limited to only 20 spots.
  • Pre-register via our website or use the Modo 2.0 app.
  • Free if you have an existing membership, or class card.
  • Come to some or all. Full participation isn’t required.
    • January 14: Flow out of 2019
      • Enjoy a challenging vinyasa practice to clear away all the baggage of 2019. Take the opportunity to look back at all the things you DID do, and let go all the things that might keep you looking back.
    • January 21: Visualize 2020
      • Develop a big vision for your future. This practice will be tailored to help work towards a challenging yoga pose or a reach goal. Long-term goals are just that, long. So let’s take a long view to the year and even the next decade.
    • January 28: Review and Reflect
      • A little bit of activity and a little bit of rest in your practice and in your mind will help you to develop a sense of “I AM.” Let’s figure out what your “brand” is and how you can live it with integrity.
    • February 4: Where are you on your journey?
      • This series is about helping you develop the narrative for 2020. But where are you on that journey? We’ll take this practice to help develop the narrative and physical arcs in your story and in your body. Um…backbends…anyone…
    • February 11: Expression
      • Communication is key. This class we’ll work on expressing yourself verbally to those around you, and in your own practice.
    • February 18: Maintain Your growth
      • With a regular yoga practice, and all the tools we’re covering you’ll be set up for a year of plans, and a decade of dreams that you can carry and build to their fullest extent.