Teacher/Corgi Mom

Yoga allows me to live my life to its fullest potential. I came to yoga ten years ago as a total stranger to any physical or athletic practice. I remember feeling a little intimidated by the grace, flexibility, and mental focus of the other students and teachers I encountered in my first few classes, but also inspired to reach for that level of mind-body control myself.

Over the years, yoga has been my fallback in times of stress or hardship, and has made everything seem a little more beautiful during the good times. Through a consistent practice over the past decade, my eyes were slowly opened to everything of which my body is capable! I used to think I could never be an athlete, let alone touch my toes. Yoga taught me that the person I wanted to be was already inside me; I just had to believe in the body I was given.

As an active olympic weightlifter, I know all too well the challenges that come with a strength practice, and how important mobility training is to an athlete. I focus my instruction on asanas and vinyasas that address muscle-bound physiques, getting deeply into the joints and large muscle groups to unlock fluidity, detoxification, and range of motion. As someone who will never have the flexibility of a gymnast, I can relate to feeling like your muscles are steel bands some days! I’ve found that a consistent daily yoga practice, and furthering the connection of mind-breath-body, has allowed me a greater range of motion than I would have thought possible, and has opened up my other athletic pursuits immeasurably.

Clearing out the cobwebs of stress, negative emotion, and physical stiffness and toxins on a daily basis means I sleep like a baby and wake ready to conquer each day with a body that’s up to the challenge. Modo Yoga is my ultimate “fitness supplement”, and I’d never be able to achieve my ideal life without it.