Teacher/Guitar Shredder

I stepped onto the mat for the first time right here at Modo Austin in 2015. Not only was I a relative stranger to yoga, but a relative stranger to my own body. As yoga evolved from my pastime into my hobby, I was still grappling with with the ability to articulate and understand its appeal— but something kept me coming back. As it swayed from hobby to lifestyle, I noticed all the facets of my life that had changed in leaps and bounds. It seemed that spending an hour daily in silence, breathing, and listening to my body was dramatically improving the way I presented myself, fed and cared for myself, reacted to challenge, related to others… The list goes on! Yoga is an anomaly of a practice. It can seem grandiose in the beginning to think that profusely sweating in a room filled with strangers and holding hilarious looking poses every day could eventually, say, improve your ability to confidently pursue your wildest dreams. My advice— give it a try!Having discovered through empirical experience the most gratifying impacts of yoga, I intend to share that with others— by simply doing my job! Each one of my first teachers (many of whom still work at Modo ATX) was a tiny, but indispensable factor in my personal evolution. Never through pushing, prying, or preaching, but only by doing what they know best: yoga! It is such an honor to share and do yoga with others.