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The day Natalie walked out of her first Modo class she got a sense that there was more for her than just an invigorating workout and some peace of mind. She had discovered something that would transform her entire being.  Having four young children and a demanding career was going to make it challenging to pursue her new found dream of becoming an instructor, but when fate threw the entire world a gigantic curveball (Covid-19) she saw it as an opportunity to boldly take that leap of faith.

She was able to complete her training online and was about to embark on an incredible journey of self discovery which would lead her to find a new vision of her life for the future.  Yoga has a special magic for her, and thus far her journey has exceeded her wildest expectations.  Initially her experiences in the Modo Yoga Studios were focused around healing and self discovery, what it could provide for her.  Now the greatest gift  is what she can provide for others as their guide into this amazing world in which community is paramount and the sense of belonging is so strong.  The more she has immersed herself into this world the greater her thirst for knowledge and experience has become while furthering an even greater sense of meaning and well being.  Her passion drives her to share that feeling with others who may also be searching for more in their own lives.
She is beyond excited to continue this adventure as a part of the Modo Yoga Barrie community and grateful for the opportunity to be part of this family.
“You are the sky, everything else is just the weather”
~Pema Chodron