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HIIT, Strength and Tone Teacher, Front Desk Advisor

Paula is our Strength and Tone instructor at Modo Yoga Barrie. Her passion for active living began at a young age through various school sports teams and her love for fitness started in high school where she would participate in group fitness classes offered through local recreation centres. As a newbie to fitness she enjoyed the motivating and positive atmosphere the instructors created, as well as the sense of community from working out with others.

Paula completed her Bachelor of Science Honours degree at the University of Guelph in April 2019 where she majored in Human Kinetics and Nutrition. She religiously attended the group fitness classes offered at her school gym and knew one day that she wanted to be a positive influencer and lead the class. She completed her CanFitPro Group Fitness Certification in 2018 and started teaching classes for the university students in her fourth year. She is now continuing her studies in hopes of going to medical school one day where she can share and grow her love for the human body.

Paula tried her first Modo Yoga class in 2015 and became an Energy Exchange in 2018 during summer and winter breaks when she was home from school. The welcoming and peaceful atmosphere of Modo Yoga Barrie always kept her coming back for more! Paula started teaching HIIT classes at the studio through our online platform in April 2020 and moved to the hot room later that year to teach our Strength and Tone class; a sweaty good time!

She makes it her mission to positively motivate and challenge her students to help them reach their fitness and health goals. She wants everyone (no matter their fitness level) to feel welcome in her class. Her mentor once said to her “What doesn’t challenge you is never going to change you” and she continues to live by and preach these words to her students today.