I am a single dad to three sons and a daughter. I served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 2002 until 2012.  Medically released in 2012 as I was diagnosed in 2010 with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MDD (Major Depressive Disorder).  Before finding yoga my journey had many ups and downs, disconnected from mind, body, and spirit.  In 2017 I made the effort to find a yoga studio in Halifax, NS for a form of self-care. The first yoga studio that I found was Moksha Yoga Bedford now known as Modo Yoga Bedford.  After the first few weeks, I could feel the positive effects yoga was having. Something I hadn’t felt in years, and it played an essential role in my recovery. It gave me hope, a sense of direction and purpose. That sense of direction and purpose would lead me to Modo Yoga teacher training in January 2020, and my work supporting Veterans. I completed TIY(Trauma-Informed Yoga) through Sundara Trauma-Informed  Yoga Therapy in August 2020. This is something very close to my heart as I want to help empower,  and give hope to other Veterans dealing with  Mental Health illness by sharing my growth and journey through the practice of yoga.