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Photo of a computer screen with people learning via Zoom.

Embarking On An (Online) Journey Of Self-Discovery: The Underestimated And Profound Benefits Of Online Yoga Teacher Training

If you are at a point in your Yoga practice where you are reading articles about teacher trainings, you already know that Yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but a holistic journey that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit—and the mystery of it all!

I wanted to speak to the idea of amplifying the benefits of yoga through an online teacher training.  In this article, we’re specifically focusing on the online training because in the context of studying yoga teaching, this is a comparatively new way to learn.

The Shifting Landscape of Yoga

Even before the world temporarily shut down during the pandemic, the increasing comfort with the digital world had touched the world of yoga.  While traditional in-person yoga classes are incomparable, the accessibility and convenience of online Yoga Teacher Training programs have opened new avenues for those that simply cannot make it out to a studio for so many reasons.  Before Modo began to offer an online training, I admit that many of us were skeptical about whether or not we would be able to offer the full range of benefits that come with an online training in the digital format.   We offered our first online training in 2020  and were blown away by how true to form the experience was for teachers and students alike.  Here are some of the benefits of an online training: 

  1. Flexibility and Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of online Yoga Teacher Training is the flexibility it offers.  If you are like me, I thought about taking a teacher training for years without being able to take the leap.  I always had other things going on that didn’t allow me to leave my home for a large chunk of time.  No longer constrained by geographical boundaries or schedules, online yoga teacher training participants can embark on a journey of self-discovery at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes. This flexibility is a testament to the essence of yoga itself: adaptability and mindful self-exploration.  It also makes for some AMAZING Zoom-screen classes replete with pets, family and roommate walk-bys, and some serious plant and art eye candy!

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum

Online Yoga Teacher Training programs offer an in-depth and comprehensive curriculum that is on par with a live training.  The Modo Online training includes all of the subjects and content explored in the live version of the training, including: philosophy, anatomy, physiology, asana practice, breathing approaches, and teaching methodology. This rich blend of knowledge ensures a well-rounded understanding of yoga’s multifaceted nature, nurturing not only physical skills but also the intellectual and spiritual dimensions.  The experience of practicing with a group of other dedicated practitioners also brings the element of community to the experience.

  1. Personalized Learning

Before I taught at the online training I had this idea that I wouldn’t be able to connect, or to fully address students’ unique needs and questions.  I was totally wrong!  Maybe everyone already knows this and I’m just old, but I was so amazed to experience that in the digital realm, students can receive fully personalized guidance and support.  There is a total ability to really see one another even if it is through a screen.  Our training format has live sessions, small groups, one-on-one interactions, and dedicated forums for each training.  Participants can clarify doubts, seek guidance, and develop a deeper connection with every teacher.  This personalized approach is so important to the trainings we offer, so it is great to see that there is such an authentic crossover to the online approach in this respect.

  1. Self-Exploration and Transformation

Yoga is, among a myriad of other things, a journey to understand and explore one’s own inner landscape. Online Yoga Teacher Training encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Participants are guided on a path of self-discovery, exploring their inner landscapes, and uncovering the wisdom of yoga that resides within each of us.  And, there is a distinct advantage to going through this process while at home in your own environment.  There is no sense of ‘before and after,’ but rather a more continuous conversation between your day-to-day life and the profound changes that can take place within oneself with deep practice and study.


  1. Accessibility to Diverse Perspective

It has been so incredible to have participants from every corner of the world on the online trainings.  Yoga lovers and instructors from diverse backgrounds and cultures add a unique depth of learning.  There is no doubt that this global perspective enriches the learning experience.

  1. Empowerment to Share Knowledge

Many Online Teacher Training participants are working while participating in the training.  Many people take the training with a goal to teach yoga, but many simply want to bring a new level of calm, inner peace, wisdom and clarity to their family and professional life.  An online experience that is embedded in one’s day to day eschews an even great and more fluid ability to bring yoga out into every aspect of one’s life.  It’s been a real honour for me to hear the feedback from participants that share that they are better students, parents, and colleagues as a result of taking the online course. 

I know that’s a lot already, but I honestly could go on!  If you are curious about this format, I would encourage you to follow that curiosity and see where it leads.  If it leads you to the Deepening Your Practice course and the Become a Teacher Course that follows – I look forward to meeting you!  And if not, congratulations on your exploratory self—there is no doubt that it will lead you to great learning on or offline! 


Jess Robertson is a mom, a bass flute player, a loving cat-mom, dog aunty, and the co founder of Modo Yoga and the New Leaf Foundation.