SheKnows Interviews Jess Robertson

SheKnows Interviews Jess Robertson

SheKnows interviews Jess Robertson, co-founder of Moksha/Modo Yoga gaining an intimate look into the Moksha/Modo Yoga community and why it’s not just a trend.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.  The full interview can be found here…

Meet the expert

Jessica Robertson is the co-founder of Moksha Yoga, New Leaf Yoga Foundation, and Moksha Yoga LA as well as co-director of Moksha Yoga International. She is trained to teach Bikram, Sivananda, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga and Kirtan. Her greatest learning comes from being in nature and from practicing every day (even when she doesn’t feel like it!).

SheKnows: What is Moksha yoga and how does it differ from Bikram yoga?

Jessica Robertson: Physically, Moksha yoga is a cardiovascular hot yoga sequence that works to stretch, strengthen and tone the body while calming the mind. Every class is rooted in the Moksha series to build a depth of concentration, but in contrast to Bikram, teachers are encouraged to bring a dash of variety into each and every class. A Moksha class also brings focus to the upper body, with some downward dog flows and a focus on opening the hips to prevent and treat lower-back and knee pain. Moksha is also unique in that every studio is designed and operated under strict (and loving!) environmental commitments.

SK: What inspired you to get involved in Moksha and franchise it?

JR: Ted (Grand) and I, and our partner at the time … noticed that what we were offering in our Bikram studios wasn’t aligned with what Bikram wanted. We weren’t teaching classes with a set dialogue, we weren’t using carpet on the floor and we were offering straps, blocks and modifications based on our backgrounds with other yoga teachers and styles. We started Moksha because while we wanted to respect Bikram’s wishes; we needed to offer what we felt best teaching. The licensing came about because, quite simply, one of our studio owners was moving far away and wanted to share the Moksha vibe with her new community. This was a fun process because we really had to define what it was that makes us, “us.” So we wrote an operations manual… and the rest is history!

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