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  7. Scroll down to learn about our $60 Intro Month, a recommended strategy for success (which classes to take, how to fuel and hydrate your body) as well as a list of our Studio Etiquette which we ask all students to familiarize yourselves with.



Enjoy 30 days of Unlimited Yoga… Meet our Teachers. Try all our Class Types (hot 37’C, Warm 26-28’C, Room Temperature 21’C). Grab guest passes for friends and family. Where to start?

  • Brand new? Start with our classic Modo, Yin, Stretch & Surrender or Mindful Pilates before you try our Vinyasa or Flow classes
  • Take Note: Yin yoga is a class that deeply stretches connective tissue in the body and is contraindicated to take before you strengthen the muscular system in a more vigorous class, run or workout. If you’re taking a yin class, make it the only class you take or the last class you take that day. Secondly, if you are cycling to the studio please take your time getting home, don’t rush. In cold weather please do not bike home from Yin, its best to take transit, walk or drive.

Want a discount? If MYBW feels like your home studio, you are eligible to get a deal on a Class Bundles or Monthly Membership if you sign up during your Intro Month:

  • $10 off Membership or 10% off Class Bundles
  • A Membership is recommended if you take 2 classes or more per week. Class bundles of5, 10, or 50 is the recommended when you take 1 class per week or less (note, these passes never expire)
  • The Fine Print
    • Intro Offer is valid 1x per student
    • No holds, extensions, exchanges or refunds
    • Valid only at Modo Yoga Bloor West
    • Are you a returning student from our MYBW original location (between 2007-2013)? If yes, you’re eligible to buy the Intro Month again and get to know our new home on the south side of Bloor.
    • Pass activates upon first use (or the moment you book your 1st class). You may purchase the pass anytime or give the gift of yoga to a Loved one.
    • All must be 16 years old to practice on our regular schedule. Younger than 16? Book a Private or Group Class



  • Start where you’re at (size, weight, flexibility, age, postpartum, etc.)
  • Avoid pain (if you have chronic pain, do not let pain intensify)
  • Modify the postures and use the blocks and straps (provided)
  • Take breaks
  • Take frequent sips of water (avoid guzzling a lot of water all at once)
  • Lay down at first sign of dizziness or nausea For Health & Safety, do your best not to leave the room unless its an emergency; a sudden change of temperature has the potential to trigger a fainting spell You’re safest in the practice room in every way, as is everyone else.



  • Arrive well hydrated, ideally on an empty stomach or 1.5 hours after eating
  • Minimize caffeine intake and balance with purposeful hydration with electrolytes
  • Afterward, replenish your electrolytes (drink coconut water, rooibos tea or use an electrolyte supplement as they will replenish minerals lost while to perspiration) and let your body return to resting heart rate/body temperature before eating any foo



An essential component to feeling well during and after a hot yoga class is to ensure your body is adequately hydrated. If you think that 8 glasses of water each day is all you need, please read the below points. Our friend and fellow student Jae Steel, = BHSc (Mwf) RHN shares these hydration tips with us: 

KNOW YOUR ELECTROLYTE OPTIONS. Electrolytes help your body absorb fluids and keep the proper balance of minerals in order for all systems to function as they should (you lose more than water when you sweat!).

  • Coconut water can be a great choice as it contains an impressive amount of potassium (which is needed for muscle contractions and nervous system functions, as well as regulating fluid balance), is a natural source of sodium (which is like potassium’s partner in crime) and carbohydrates (you know, energy!). If you’ve tried coconut water before and didn’t like it, try a few more brands — the taste can vary quite a bit.
  • A less pricey option is to find a natural electrolyte powder you like — we carry the local whole-foods brand Superieur Electrolytes at the front desk. (If you haven’t tried it yet, do! We have single-serving sachets and 70-serving containers in 🍉 🍇 and 🍋 / 🍊. Their tagline is “farma not pharma” as all their ingredients are naturally sourced, and so so delicious).
  • Or if DIY is your thing, just add 1-2 tbsp of raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar + 1 tsp high-quality calcium-magnesium powder + ⅛-¼ tsp pink Himalayan salt or grey sea salt to one liter of water or chilled herb tea (ginger or nettle are great choices).
  • Avoid conventional sports drinks that contain glucose-fructose or sucrose syrup and artificial dyes. They’re tough on your liver and promote inflammation in the body


  • In the 30-60 minutes before class, see how it feels to get in about 500mL of water, maybe with a squeeze of lemon and a little drizzle of raw honey. To give you an energetic boost, you might like a glass of Yerba Mate or organic green tea (if you’re okay with a bit of caffeine) or ginseng or ginger tea if caffeine’s not your jam.


  • Most teachers offer some prompts to take water, but you are not restricted to drinking only when they say.
  • Take thirst cues from your body.
  • This is the best time to spike your water with electrolytes. 
  • Cold or even iced water during class may feel most refreshing for the moment it’s in your mouth, but liquids closer to room temperature or warmer will be absorbed by the body faster so you can direct your energy toward your practice.


  • Keep going with those electrolytes, and throw in some protein to support your muscles. Vega makes a Recovery Powder that includes pea protein and glucosamine for repair, as well as anti-inflammatory turmeric, adrenal-supporting maca, and, you guessed it, more electrolytes. (This is not an ad, just the experience of this Modo student/nutritionist).


  • Chewing on foods with high water content is great because the electrolytes are built right in. These include watermelon, cantaloupe, organic strawberries organic peaches, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, and organic bell peppers.



Help us co-create a peaceful space and experience for all.



Even if you’ve signed up for a class online, please give your name to our receptionist upon your arrival.


Pre-registered online? We’ll save your spot for up to 10 minutes before class starts. After that, we give it to the next student waiting to drop-in.


Out of respect for our fellow yogis, to properly warm-up and take in all instructions and permissions, classes begin and end on time (no exceptions; please do not shoot the messenger if you arrive after the teacher has entered the practice room).


Truly take a break and tuck your cell phone away (on silent!) upon entering the studio. Watches/Fitbits/anything smart must have their notifications turned OFF. No devices may be used in the change rooms or the practice room.


Feel free to chat, play, draw or paint, and/or drink tea in our lovely Zen Den. Please maintain silence in the practice room (psst, whispering is not silent).


Aside from the occasional smudge, we respect our shared environment by going scent-free (OK, deodorant also accepted) as more and more of our students are allergic or scents can trigger migraines. No perfumes, essential oils, colognes, sprays or heavily scented soaps in the studio/shower/change-rooms/practice room, please.


Leave all shoes, boots, roller skates – whichever – under the coat rack.


Please leave your valuables at home, and we ask that all bags/belongings are left in the change room. Wallet, keys and a 100% turned off cell phone/device may be brought into the practice room if you feel you must. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


We recognize and respect all races, religions, genders, abilities, sexual orientations and countries of origin. We stand with you. You are safe here. This is a place for all.


Be mindful of the markings on the ground for your mat. These are place 6ft apart as per physical distance requirements.


Don’t forget to return towels to the hampers, rented mats to the drying station and water jars to the front desk. Please and thank you.


For health, safety and security reasons we ask all students to stay in the practice room until the teacher signals the end of class. Savasana will be instructed in your practice so that we can ensure the class ends on time so we can prepare the room for the next class. Please leave promptly to avoid crossing paths with an incoming class.


We look forward to meeting you, please let us know if you have any further questions.

E-mail [email protected] or call 416-766-9642