“A Place For All” ~ Letter from the Director; October 2018 Editorial

If you have yet to hear of the change coming to Moksha Yoga studios Canada-wide, this is your notice that each one is in the process of changing their name to Modo Yoga. The name change will finally unite our nation’s studios with the already-family of Modo Yoga studios worldwide.

Moksha/Modo has been growing and evolving together from the beginning. In fact, the only difference separating us has been the name difference outside of Canada. So technically, all that is changing at MYBW will be the sign over the door and any other identifying materials. On an energetic level, there’s no denying that a name change can shift other properties of one’s experience, and in our case, this applies to both the studio staff and you; the student.

Changing one’s name can often create discomfort. We at MYBW respectfully consider this a positive though, for a move as significant as a name change can feel threatening when it relates to something that is familiar, comfortable and meaningful to us. If learning of our name change feels unsettling at all, we perceive that as us succeeding in having created a place where you feel at home and where you feel you matter. Who would want to shake up that environment?

The name Modo (in Japanese translates to ‘a place for all’) intends to take you even deeper into that experience. With the collective and reverberating support of over 80 other studios globally, all using the shared name, with the number of studios growing at a pace where the quality of the teachers and studios is patiently maintained, will only help to infuse Moksha/Modo’s base mission; to contribute to the healing of our planet and it’s people.

Native American culture cites that from the beginning of one’s life, names are intended and expected to change. A name given to a child will often be altered to describe their personal experiences and accomplishments, whether it be in adolescence or adulthood. This tradition depicts the deeply rooted spiritual understanding that the evolution of a person or place is always in a state of change. It supports the concept of detachment in order to find more acceptance around the newly evolved being. Not to mention it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate the beauty of change.

On Tuesday, October 30th, please join us at 6:30 pm in our Zen Den to celebrate potluck style, both the completion of our autumn 30 Day Challenge and our transition to Modo Yoga Bloor West. Consider it your familiar, comfortable home, but with a fresh new roof.

See you in the practice room,