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Are You Taking Sacred Responsibility? | Letter from the Director | March 2019 Editorial

Are You Taking Sacred Responsibility?

In her inspiring new book The Eight Sacred Responsibilities, author Cathy Mines defines Sacred Responsibility as A moral obligation to respond to life in ways that increase our life force and vitality. She makes clear that the moral obligation is more an exploratory agreement to joyfully honour our personal truth, rather than perceive it as a goal to strive for through obligation…

Because you’re reading this article, there’s a very good chance that you are one who is interested in increasing your life force and vitality. And because you’re reading this article, there’s a very good chance that you’ve already been investigating this desire by way of inspirational YouTube videos, online courses, podcasts, yoga classes, or by way of that stack of personal development books on your bedside table.

Now consider moments when maybe something was mentioned in one of those videos or podcasts that spoke to your soul in a way that unearthed a new and exciting approach toward your life. Did you replay that part until you memorized it? If not, why not?—it spoke to your soul!

If your yoga practice isn’t regular, can you recall a moment within a pose when your body very clearly reached out to you, beautifully requesting more of this every day? Did you do it again the next day? If not, why not?—your one and only real possession; YOUR BODY is passionately asking you for it!

Is there a personal development book on your shelf that you connected with by way of inspiring you to jump out of bed the next day with new vigour? Have you re-read the book? Did you even finish it? If you haven’t made it your personal bible for at least a solid year, why not?— it helped show you the incredible gift that is your life!

Maybe it was a simple facebook meme that hit you like a bolt of lightning. Did you make a poster of it and tape it to your fridge door or bathroom mirror? If not—why not? It’s time you made it your daily mantra!

The use of underlining and exclamation marks in this article is not for dramatic effect, but rather to help you awaken to the importance of your life messaging you sacred and timely information. Be careful not to let the busyness of your life override your Sacred Responsibility. Consider that your only real test in life is to find appreciation for the journey taking you toward your personal truth. This is your life. If you haven’t already, it’s time to courageously jump in the deep end. You’ve nothing worthwhile to lose by doing so. Absolutely nothing.


See you in the practice room,