Benefits of Practice

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  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases energy
  • Increases lung capacity and maximizes oxygenation
  • Releases tension and stress
  • Elevates strength and resilience
  • Promotes deeper sleep/rest
  • Strengthens immunity and lymphatic system
  • Fosters a deep-rooted sense of trust
  • Teaches present moment awareness
  • Impacts self-awareness
  • Promotes emotional vulnerability and gratitude
  • Enhances mood, passion, and vitality
  • Amplifies self-acceptance, self-love, self-transformation, and self-actualization
  • Elevates focus, concentration, and productivity



  • Listen to your body and respect its messages
    • As we increase body awareness our ability to listen to our body becomes more attuned
  • Ask teachers about adjustments for specific needs
  • Take savasana before and after class
  • Take a variety of our classes to foster resilience, balance, and curiosity
  • Days you aren’t able to take a class at the studio, supplement with home practice, seated meditation or walking meditation (ask one of our teachers for instructions)
  • Supplement with electrolyte
    • Purchase Superieur Electrolytes in studio
    • Drink coconut water(!)
    • Add a small pinch of Himalayan sea salt + raw sugar to water (1 pinch to 1 liter)
    • Eat foods high in electrolytes (watermelon, pomegranate, cucumber, orange, tart cherries, strawberries, beets, bananas, celery, and lemons)
    • FYI: if you simply increase your water intake it can actually weaken mineral absorption through dilution. It’s best to add electrolytes to your water to rehydrate