Healing for Marginalized Communities (BIPOC & LGBTQ2S+)

Launch Date TBA

We at MYBW have always understood the importance of yoga in one’s healing journey. We also understand that everyone walks through life differently, and experiences triumphs and traumas uniquely. We have begun working with members of our community to host-specific, intimate classes for vulnerable and marginalized people. Twice per month we will host a class exclusive to members of these communities. Join us in a safe space to heal and grow alongside individuals with shared experiences.

More than a yoga studio, MYBW has always been a place for personal transformation first. Every person entering the space will; in one way or another, contribute to social and societal change that benefits us all. The COVID shutdown has further determined the importance of MYBW within our broader community. The emboldening global shift to fight racism has urged MYBW to dive deeper into our role of inspiring personal and collective growth.

Two Sundays a month at 7:45pm, MYBW will feature a BIPOC and an LGBTQ2S+ Pay-What-You-Can class intended to bring more diversification, while supporting marginalized groups in our community. MYBW’s Mission Statement relates to the unearthing of deeper value in every person’s life, and these classes are meant to further that mission. We offer them with the intention of connection and your feedback around how we might create more of this, is always welcomed.

BIPOC taught by Danny Noel

A Class by, for and led by BIPOC. This class is presented with the intention to provide a safe space to bond over collective trauma and come together to heal. We understand that the current climate can become overwhelming, frustrating and isolating as a minority. We will channel all of those feelings and process them together to foster unity, strength and optimism. Come as you are, for BIPOC individuals specifically. 

LGBTQ2S+ taught by Shai Saliba

A welcoming class for all members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Join us for a unique class celebrating and encouraging being unapologetically you. This class will be hosted by a member of the community. The studio will be open before and after the class exclusively to folks in the LGBTQ2S+ community for a truly safe experience.