Stretch & Surrender

Stretch & Surrender combines a gentle yin and restorative practice utilizing blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets to relieve stress and promote conscious relaxation that, with repeated practice, can help healthfully rewire the brain/nervous system’s response to stress.
This class is excellent if you seek a less vigorous class (or life), enjoy a deep sleep post-practice, if you’re healing an injury or are post-surgery, boosting your immune system, are pregnant or have given birth recently, live with any auto-immune/inflammatory condition, experience chronic pain and/or face challenges of addiction, anxiety, depression.
We strongly suggest students use an eye-pillow because the acupressure soothes the eyes, especially after over-exposure to screens or light and sedates the nervous system. For hygienic reasons we do not supply this prop, please bring your own or you may purchase in studio. 
Room Temperature + Live Music