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Soften & Surrender

This practice offers complete surrender, giving the body space to come back to its natural rhythm of restoration, repair, and thriving. Receive the benefits of this traditional practice rooted in ancient wisdom, and leave feeling nourished and restored on all levels.

We begin this 75 minute practice by linking breath to gentle, soft movement, releasing accumulated tension before moving into longer held (2-10 minutes) supported shapes. The use of props allows deep and gentle release in joints, tissues and facia, as well as the energy system and the mind.

The smaller more intimate class size allows for the option of more support, and grounding hands on adjustments in rest postures. This is a Music class, and essential oils may be incorporated to deepen in relaxation.

This is a reduced heat practice at 27 degrees. An eye pillow is strongly encouraged (but not required) for this practice.

*please note: Hands-on adjustments are always optional. We use consent chips in studio so you can clearly communicate the best way to support you in practice.

75 Minutes