Healing Circle

This supportive gathering provides a rare opportunity for folks of all stripes to share the burdens and blessings of being human. Without shame or guilt, we will learn how to express the deeper parts of ourselves, our wants and needs, and to let go of harmful roles assigned to us. We will better learn how to live and interact in a more whole and vibrant way with our planet and all who walk upon it.

Circles offer a safe and gentle space for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to come together to share. The structure includes any or all of the following: opening meditation, intention setting, introductions, sharing, journaling, movement, dance, singing, music-making, and/or closing meditation.

Come with an open mind and heart, and please wear comfortable clothing that you can sit and move in. This circle is open to ALL genders.

Read our September 2019 Letter from the Director on Circles for more info.