Yin + Reiki

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic practice where the focus is to stretch deep down in the joints, privileging the breath and utilizes silence; it is the perfect balance to day-to-day living and to the more vigorous classes we offer in the studio (flow, vinyasa, pilates) and to all other activities/sports. The slower pace allows the body to drift into a meditative state and ease your way into a blissful savasana (conscious relaxation).

Physiologically, a yin practice cultivates stress-resilience by rewiring our neuropathways for less reactionary and more responsivity within ourselves and our relationships; so we can experience stress on a less intense level and bounce back from stress quicker than before. This is achieved by consciously working with mindfulness meditation within the yin poses, to observe your experience, to connect again and again to the breath/pranayama practice which reestablishes that the parasympathetic (rest and digest mechanism) nervous system is ‘driving the bus’ so to speak (vs. the flight of flight sympathetic nervous system reactivity).

Postures are held 3-10 minutes, props are used to support the surrender, in opening up the meridian lines and stretching the connective tissue.

Reiki: healing Reiki energy is infused into the practice room at the beginning of class for all to experience and supports a deeper energetic experience, and willing students may experience hands-on treatment Reiki as Stephanie shifts around the room in tune with the duration of the pose.

This practice is highly recommended to:

  •  caregivers to young children
  •  runners, iron-man competitors, marathoners/triathlon-ers, weightlifters
  •  anyone healing from an injury or illness
  • those who use laptops, desktops, and cell phones
  • anyone who sits in chairs or cars
  • those of us who have bodies…

Warm (26′ – 28′ C). Bring Your Own Eye-Pillow or purchase in studio ($24)