A person standing on top of a large mountain facing crashing waves in a vast ocean. On the horizon is another mountain some distance away.

When The Heart Chooses Different

In last month’s letter, I referred to a particular practice in which one focuses on the imaginary yet felt experience of being informed by their doctor that they had a few weeks to live. The obvious purpose of this meditation is to provide a time and space in which to invite any unrealized truths to arise which help align us more with where our soul invites us. I also mentioned that I had recently practiced this meditation and would share some of my experience in this month’s letter.

My personal ‘doctor’s news’ mediation was something I decided to immerse myself in following a situation where I realized that there may now be someone more skilled and panoptically available than myself to help guide this community. Of course previous to that experience I had been spreading my time and energy more thinly in the promotion of the annual Day of Pause global event. And I am also soon to be ordained as a minister through a metaphysical ministry, and have already scheduled some ceremonies to lead in the coming weeks and months.

It was in that sitting, getting quiet enough to let go of my practiced stories and beliefs—enough to get to the more emptiness of truth—where my strongest message was unearthed. In the holiness of that clarity, I learned that I was to step away as the director of MYBW. In allowing myself to feel these words, this message, I immediately felt a sense of ease come over my whole body. 

Not surprisingly, what followed was the experience of fear arising at the idea of stepping away from the familiar, from the fun, the beauty, the excitement, the privilege/acknowledgement, and the income. And here, in the acknowledgement of my fear came my deepest clarity. Despite the other soul invitations to step into something new, I was afraid. Herein was the blessed teaching of letting go; the call to trust that decisions made through fear could only lead me further from where my true direction now lies. It sounds rather cliché, and that’s because it is. These days we are experiencing being told more and more in pop culture to not be afraid of life and learn to live more authentically. What really matters though is are we actually doing it, or simply promoting and talking about the idea? Do we know how to process our fears in these matters? When it comes to choosing different, there is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom.

It was this mediation experience which has also inspired me to offer a new monthly workshop on discovering with more clarity what makes our individual light shine. Although it will sound and feel very different from the ‘doctor’s news’ meditation, it will also require a particular amount of courage, as the resulting discoveries can sometimes be rather unexpected or even alarming. These one hour workshops will also be an energy exchange of sorts, with my service to you lasting about 45 minutes, in exchange for about 15 minutes of your time so that I may share about Day of Pause. Our first workshop will take place in the practice room on July 9th at 7pm. Please register as you would for any class. You may want to bring your yoga mat to lay upon.

After 15 years of offering these monthly editorials on this platform, this will be my final Letter from the Director. Going forward, this particular section of the MYBW newsletter will be opened up to the community for editorial considerations—your written contributions that teach, inform and inspire us all. Be brave and come forward.

What an exciting, inspiring and humbling journey it has been to share personally on this public platform. For those of you who took the time to read any of my letters, thank you. Thank you for the edits, comments, compliments and even the debates. You are all clearly my friends, and my teachers.

Oh, and I’ll still be seeing you in the practice room.