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Unifying With Life’s Flow Through Breath

Warm Greetings Modo Yoga Bloor West family.

Congratulations on moving through your October 30 day Yoga Journey with remarkable consistency! As a student and teacher it is a joy to share the practice room with you.
The topic of today’s discussion is, surprise: the breath! You may have wondered why your breath is so often given as an object of attention or as a cue in a yoga class. It is not only a saving grace to keep us from getting lost in thought. It is not only a rhythmic physical pump which regulates the nervous system, animates the body and its organs. In being fully present to the rising and falling of the breath, one’s practice can take on a flowing quality. The enjoyment and therapeutic value of our practice can suffer when we lose the flow and become distracted or fixated. Both are equally dangerous. When the rising and falling quality is clearly experienced in the breath over time, it can more readily be noted in the sensations of the body, the thoughts in the mind, and the feelings moving through the heart. Letting in and letting go of each of these aspects of self allows us to honour the truth of the moment without becoming distracted or fixated. Distraction causes our energy and focus to become diluted, and can feel like confusion or purposelessness. When the thoughts are moving faster than you can keep up, it can feel as though you’re being lifted out of your body and whirled in a spiral. Fixation makes us give too great a concentration of energy and focus in the wrong place, and can feel like rigidity or tension. When you get bogged down by a feeling, it can be as if treading through quicksand without a hand to grab. Each of these pitfalls take away from the balance, coordination, poise, patience and integrity required to practice with grace. What you practice in the room naturally must extend into your overall being. Use your breath’s flowing nature to your advantage the next time you step on your mat, allowing everything that already is to arise, to be and to pass on. Yet allow nothing to stop you from being. Better yet, begin the practice with your next breath in.
Anand (he/him)
MYBW Teacher