Naked Yoga

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The rumours are true… 📣 Once a month on Fridays at 10 pm we lead a Naked Yoga class.

You may have thought about it before; how nice it would be to practice without the confinement of clothes as you breathe and move in only your skin. Here’s your chance to do so within the safety and comfort of our nearly completely-darkened practice room (a few candles will be lit). You are invited to notice your inhibitions, find more trust (in your community at large and in the moment) and to let go of the image you hold of your body, the image others may hold of yours, and the image you may hold of others bodies. 🕯

  • Next up: Friday, Feb 14, @ 10pm with Don
  • All Passes Accepted
  • Limited space (18 spots available)
  • PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (drop-ins are not accepted)

Q: Who will be leading these classes?

A: We will have a circulating group of teachers who will individually (or sometimes together) lead these classes. These teachers include having gender identities of female, Trans Non-Binary, and male.

Q: What’s the point of practicing naked?

A: MYBW offers this class to encourage a body-positive experience that can empower students to feel more confident in who they are (in body and in-person), and to soften our societal stigma toward nudity in general. A much more detailed answer to this question is available in the April 2019 Letter From The Director.

Q: If I attend, do I have to be naked?

A: Respecting the studio’s intention (see question above) and your fellow students attending, we ask that you arrive with a sincere personal intention to disrobe with the rest of us. For many, this is an act of courage, and to optimally support everyone in the room, every student is asked and expected to practice completely nude.

Q: Do we undress in the change rooms first?

A: No. All students enter the practice room with similar bodily coverage as they would for any class. A towel is fine as long as it covers your chest and waist region. All students must redress/cover up before leaving the practice room at the end of class.

Q: Does the instructor move about the room as in other classes?

A: No. This is a silently led class, which means the instructor remains on their mat, leading and practicing with their fellow students for the entire duration of the class.

Q: How will the room be lit for this class?

A: The practice room lights are turned off. A few candles are carefully placed to provide enough light to see the general shape of the room.

Q: Will the additional heat be on?

A: Yes. This is a hot yoga class.

Q: What if I realize I don’t want to be a part of the class at some point?

A: In the safety of yourself and your fellow students, we ask that, if at some point you realize you no longer feel able or supported to practice, please redress and lie down in savasana with eyes closed until the practice is finished and students are leaving the room. This is also a safety and security measure for all of us within the studio, and the studio space itself.

Q: May anyone attend this class?

A: As with any of our heated classes, all students must be at least 16 years of age and have  Created An Account. Students under 18 years of age must have their profile approved by, and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Q: Can I rent a mat for this class?

A: Yes, though you will also need a towel for your mat, which we rent towels also ($4 cash to rent both). We provide complimentary towelettes for coverage of the yoga blocks.