In Studio: What To Expect

Our Hearts Have Been Open to You Always…

And Now We Can Open Our Doors Too!


We are open.

We are being conscious and careful in our approach to ensure that every single human who steps into our beLoved space to practice with us feels safe.


When You Step In The Door

  • Rentals will be available cash only and, as always, will be sanitized and disinfected after each use
  • Masks continue to be mandatory until you are on your mat.


Common Areas

  • Change rooms and showers are open. If the change room you are using is full, we ask that you please wait outside the door.
  • Air purifiers will be used in common areas – the Zen Den and the practice room.
  • Tea is ON in the Zen Den 🙂


When You Enter The Practice Room

  • Modo and Modo Flow classes are heated at 37 degrees, Yin, Vinyasa and Pilates are 28 Degrees
  • Floor markers to indicate where to put your mat to ensure even space between fellow students.
  • Masks are mandatory until you are on your mat, at which point you may remove if you wish.
  • Teacher will be wearing their mask when they are off their mat.
  • The practice room will have a capacity of 70%.
  • Teachers will prompt nose-breathing only.
  • Air purifiers are used in the practice room.
  • Windows will be closed.