Lisa Brodie (she/her)

Community Leader + Teacher

Lisa believes in deep authenticity and is fiercely passionate about healing, liberation and the deconstruction of all things that confine our light. She is a curious, playful, and expressive creatrix in her practice as well as her life, and believes in radical pleasure and joy as a powerful tool to deconstruct internal and external systems of oppression.

Her journey with Yoga began as a support tool for a demanding executive and high impact athletic lifestyle.Yoga carried her more than she realized through a decade of climbing the corporate ladder and pushing her body to every limit. Still, it wasn’t until her world came to an abrupt halt after an accident that she came to learn how Yoga was so much more. After 2 years of little recovery it was coming back to Yoga and deepening her practice that began her healing journey. She still experiences post concussive symptoms and a beautifully neurodivergent mind. Yoga is not just healing for her but a powerful way to come back to herself and connect beyond these experiences.

Fuelled by the spirit of the earth she is honoured and privileged to be a forever student, crediting her teachers, and the sacred teachings of Patanjali and Krishnamacharya in her offerings. With open arms and heart Lisa invites you back to yourself in the safer, come as you are, loving container she’s created, and intends to bring expansive energy into the lives of those she touches.