Zach Kellum (he/him)


For most of my life, musical exploration and practice has been a deeply private and personal meditation. It’s a process that I have kept quite distinct from public performance. My practice is where the tunes are written or learned, mistakes are made, and boundaries are stretched… It’s where I perfect technique and test my musical knowledge against my musical instinct.

It’s an honour to share this practice with the Moksha community and all who practice along with me.

Though composition and performance have been a part of my career since my teen years, improvising and creating on my pedal steel along with a room full of practicing yogis is a rare and wonderful privilege, and quite unlike anything I’ve experienced.

The energy of the group practice informs the music I play; the notes I choose, and the sounds I share. Together we define a tempo and a deeply organic rhythm upon which I build textures and layers of music and tone.

Formally trained in voice and guitar, I’m relatively new to the pedal steel. My instrument has 10 strings that are played with a steel slide in my left hand and picked with all five fingers of my right.  Additional pedals and levers are played with both feet and one knee. Playing pedal steel is a full body exercise, not unlike yoga.

I first practiced yoga in Tobago, WI around 2004 and have been practicing ever since. With encouragement from a close friend, I brought my practice to Modo Yoga Bloor West in 2017… One of my better decisions.

Zach plays every Monday evening at 8 pm during the ‘Modo Silent with Hands-On Adjustments’ class.

Photo: Marina Dempster Photography