The Irony Of Being Human


We are currently living in possibly the most ironic period in human history. 


Consider this…  We have more than enough technology and know-how to relatively quickly curb our planet’s warming climate, yet we continue to emit close to a million tons of carbon globally each day. We now have access to the most advanced health-related intelligence ever, yet the percentage of our population on prescription medications is the highest in the history of modern medicine. And despite more countries than ever being militarized, most of the world seems surprised that we could be on the verge of a multi-nation war. There lies a much deeper irony in us though, and once we come to truly realize it, all this will change.


Imagine this: every human on the planet is a house. And each house has an electrical system—each of us having electricity within delivering our much needed energy in which to survive and thrive. Most of us though are unaware that every house is connected to and supplied by the same generating station, and the power at its source is pure and is an endless supply. It’s always there, and each of us is connected to it simply because we’re alive. No one is void of it yet so many of us are unaware of not only its existence, but that it is our shared existence.


Most of us humans largely suffer as we search beyond ourselves for what we consider happiness, peace of mind, or simple contentment. The majority of us hold out hoping that people and circumstances will change. Many of us are conflicted around what to do, who to believe and follow, or how to behave. We continue to hope that supply will continue, signs of change will appear, and answers will come.


Meanwhile we forget that conflict is a gateway to awareness, and that hope always leaves room for doubt. It is in this ironic profundity that exists the tipping point in which humanity finds itself at this time, as we continue to deny or ignore the one power which connects us all through its very existence; faith.


This is not a faith in which we need to seek, study, or follow. It is not a faith granted only to ones who align with a particular religion or dogma. It is not the blind faith that can come through superficial positivity. This is our deepest knowing, the amaranthine light and aliveness within each of us, shared by all of us, regardless of how we identify ourselves. It is our inmost trust of the existence of this all-connecting current and is eternal. Absolutely, it is the sweet surrendering of our perception of ourselves as individuals with the light and aliveness being outside of us somewhere.


Each of us employs the subtle surface of our faith in that we find purpose in getting out of bed each day, or at least enough to allow our next breath to arrive. The next deeper level of our faith supports us in eating food that we don’t second guess as contaminated, riding an elevator that won’t fall down the shaft, and taking a flight that will reach its destination safely. Because we all do these things, we can consider this as assurance that faith is not only in us, it is us.


The big leap for many of us to consider is to understand that our faith has nothing to do with our bodies. Most of us limit our awareness to our bodily limitations yet it is these very limitations that are the signposts informing us of how we are so much more than the structure that one body is, and what one body can do. Our body is a spectacular yet very limited tool in which to venture through life on the path to our true selves, and ideally we would all see this venture as the celebratory gift that it is, and leave the attachment to our body behind. To let go through the body, channeling our moment-to-moment creativity through it is to be in our most natural state, and it is this place where we all meet in our inherent and shared faith.


Rather than dropping down into it, it is the rising up to fully acknowledge our awaiting, ever-present faith, which is ourselves and each other. It is the tapping into the sparkling electrical current which already has us all connected to one another. It is our fundamental blessing which erases our fear of death, and the more of us who consciously choose to align with it, feel it, and know it, the more accessible it will become to others. 


To awaken and lift up ourselves to this reality is to help lift others. Isn’t it ironic?


See you in the practice room,