We Welcome All

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We recognize and respect all races, religions, genders, abilities, sexual orientation and countries of origin. We stand with you. You are safe here. This is a place for all.


Please note at MYBW we support gender fluid changerooms and welcome all to change/shower/pee wherever they feel comfortable. We also do our best to practice include language by minimizing our assumption of pronouns and to instead proactively learn names. If you have a pronoun preference please do not hesitate to share with us. Additionally, we have a beautiful transgendered human on our teaching roster named Shai Saliba who is happy to speak and share their experience with anyone who has questions or wants to share themselves. Note, we are all open to learning and sharing though Shai has the first-hand experience navigating these waters and is best informed from all angles, they are our go-to and is happy to be yours as well. We are of the growth mindset in creating a safe and inclusive space for all and always glad for feedback in ways we can improve our service to students.