Worth Repeating


Letter from the Director   |   January 2021 Edition

During the last several months, I’ve made space on many occasions to welcome what may come in terms of penning something that might help support us, ground us, inspire us, and celebrate us all during this global experience of a pandemic, and all of our social, political, financial, and ecological upheaval. Each time I sat down to write, what came to me were simple and straightforward messages I’ve previously shared on this platform.

These messages are largely summed up in two particular past editorials. It is here and now that I connect with humility, while trusting my place on this self-imposed platform enough to share these thoughts again, in the hopes that they might spark something meaningful for you.

One focuses more on self work, while the other is an invitation into more of a collective experience. I consider the suggestions within them as soul-inquiring, yet allowing for the ease to personalize this work in any way that is both accessible and authentic to you.

To live life fully is to acknowledge and let go of false securities. For many of us now, life as we know it may have never seemed more insecure. If you’re feeling more afraid than inspired by this, I would like to offer these two pieces—and if they move you, I invite you to consider taking some sort of relative action. Because, aside from the moments where our hearts ask us to rest, we’ve all been invited into this world and this life to participate in it.


Love to you all,