Private Yoga

Meeting one-on-one or semi-private with one of our instructors is a great way to compliment your home and studio practice as a one-time learning experience, or for a more consistent period of time for a more in-depth experience.


All Modo Yoga Brampton instructors have a minimum of 500 hours of yoga certification with a passion and focus on structural anatomy and alignment in the body. Each instructor brings something different, whether you are looking for injury accommodations, reaching a personal goal, or going in depth with your alignment these private session are a great way to deepen the understanding of your practice through the knowledge and experience of one of our instructors.

Pricing ranges depending on instructors experience and trainings:

Investment (for 1-2 people):

1 Session- $100-150

Investment (for 3-10 people):

1 Session- $150-200

Investment (for 11+ people):

1 Session-$150-200+ $10 per additional person over 10 people

Private Yoga Intake  Form 


HST applies, pricing includes: instructor, room rental fee, and mat rental for 60 mins session.

Want to bring yoga to your office, events, or for in home session?  Contact: .