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When I started yoga in 2013, I was visiting a chiropractor about 2 to 3 times a week. It was my family doctor who insisted that I give yoga a try to help with the pain I was experiencing. I tend to gravitate toward fast-paced workouts, however, I finally decided to take my doctor’s advice and gave yoga a try. I had no idea how much it was going to change me. Since I began my practice, I have not gone back to a chiropractor. Yoga has taught me how to be present in all aspects of my life through balance and by knowing my balance, I am mindful when things are out of sync. It has taught me how to breathe; a simple concept, but very powerful in practice. Yoga continues to teach me how to manage stress, and let go when the time is right and it gives me perspective. When I heard the Modo Teacher Training was coming to Toronto in July 2022, I knew right away that I had to enroll. As a teacher, my goal is to give back to the community the same clarity and guidance this practice has given me.