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Jess Haskins

Jess first discovered Modo in her hometown of Waterloo. She instantly fell in love. She felt right away the benefits of her practice in her body and mind. She began, because of this, to become more involved in the community first as an ambassador at the Brant studio and than to Nicaragua where she completed her 500 hour training in 2018.

Jessica enjoys taking a variety of classes with different teachers where she continually learns more about herself, breath, and movement. “I truly enjoy sharing what I learn with others” she says.

Modo Yoga hits all levels of healing for her, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. “I hope that my classes encourage students to explore their own bodies and minds” she also says.

On the personal side, Jess is experiencing motherhood (2022), and all the things that surface in this experience. She is an elementary school teacher. She loves being outdoors and active. She says “you will also catch me being a couch potato, it’s all about balance!”. She spends lots of time with friends and family. She considers many people in her Modo community to be both friends and family too.

Jess is a firm believer in “WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS” – Robert G. Ingersoll