Markus Schneider

Studio Director / Teacher

As a student and teacher at Modo Yoga Brantford, Markus’ love for this practice and the community, radiates from his being; one of those unique souls who cares deeply about life and he’s not afraid to show it.

His classes are challenging yet allowing, structured yet spacious; all while being deeply rooted in yogic tradition and philosophy. Passionate about personal growth and change, Markus continually to evolves with the progressive advancements in yoga pedagogy. More recently, his awareness and passions includes the science of Mindfulness Meditation; a practice that encourages present moment awareness, and distinguishes this awareness from the suffering caused by past and future mental dialog.

Markus knows that his growth on and off the mat is attributed to Modo’s six pillars: Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Be Green, Be Community, Live to Learn, and Be Peace. These pillars motivate Markus’ vision of creating a vibrant and healthy studio community: a place where every body can be inspired, feel at home, and discover their best selves.