Martha Atkins


Martha found yoga during a time when she felt stress affecting her on every level. It’s amazing how yoga has perfect timing. She started with a DVD first, having no idea what yoga was and realized how easily you can hate and love something so fiercely at once! “It was SO challenging!” Love took over as it does and yoga continues to unfold, reveal, heal, release, challenge, balance, and make her feel alive more and more everyday as her burdens feel lighter when she practices. Martha is learning to and accept who she is a little more graciously. She believes “we can only shine as bright as the flame in our humanity is nurtured”.

Martha is a mom, wife, home builder, multitasker, terrible singer, skilled at laughing until she can’t breathe, and really good at “if boys can do something I’ll do it better”. She is a wanderer with deep roots that bring her home over and over again. She is a health nut who LOVES yoga. Teaching ignites her as she gets to see a students love of yoga spark into a flame – these transformations sometimes make her cry. The hot room has become a space where Martha sees stress dissipate, bodies become stable and strong, sweat and tears becoming puddles on a mat, and peace spreading like fire on parched ground spreading the glow!

From Martha – “Let’s keep glowing together igniting each other to spread peace!”