Brianna McIntosh

My first yoga class was hot! I remember hearing every drop of sweat dripping on my mat. My mind was racing, wondering why in the world I was there. Working muscles in my body, which I had never felt before. The instructor kept reminding us to breathe. Then we got to Savasana, where everything settled. I will never forget my first Savasana I felt so relaxed mind body and soul. I definitely fell asleep and snored a bit.

Fast forward and my favourite teaching moments are every Savasana of every class I teach. Students come from work, school etc. We all have busy lives. At the end of every class I get to see everyone truly relax and restore in Savasana. To me, that is priceless.

Favourite meal: Pizza- only pineapple and cheese

It might surprise you to learn I managed a restaurant for 6 years, I like to knit and I have a pet chinchilla named Jumper!

Certifications: •Modo Yoga •Modo Flow •Restorative yoga •Licensed Thai massage Practitioner