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Emily Day

First memory from yoga … Praying that I wouldn’t fart in class. Joking aside I remember how good I felt after walking out of that class and the self love I experienced was the beginning of a long healing process.

My favourite teaching moments are ones where I feel connected to my students. Having someone hug me after class, share tears and express how much my classes mean to them. Hearing I inspire, support and encourage humans to work through their stuff and keep going. These teaching moments are why I love what I get to do, connect, express and share humanity.

Favourite meal…  hands down pizza…

A little unknown fact about myself ; hahaha I share everything really. However a lot of people don’t know my life before yoga was in the vet world, as a veterinary technician. I went to school and worked really hard for for years learning everything about the vet world from large animal to small and worked as a vet tech for a local animal hospital doing everything from surgery to blood work, parasitology, labs, dental you name it I did it. However I noticed it wasn’t my truest passion so I followed my heart and never looked back.

500 hour CYT

Prenatal & postnatal CYT

MHFA certified for youth work

Youth Yoga Teacher

SUP Yoga

TDSB Educational Vendor Partner