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Rachel Jorge


My first yoga class was a hot yoga class.  At some point, I looked down and thought “I didn’t know my shins could sweat!”

 As a teacher, I love witnessing the moment when students realize they don’t have to try so hard: struggle gives way to ease and the practice takes on a beauty that has nothing to do with ‘perfection’ in the pose.  It’s the moment they find peace in themselves as they are.

Favourite meal: Dim Sum, Tapas, or a good pot-luck!  I love when meal time is a shared experience.

A fun fact about me: I am excellent at napping…  I can snooze in almost any environment-it can be loud, bright, or bumpy and I can still sleep like a baby!

Certifications: Modo, Modo Flow, Modo Freestyle (Advanced Sequencing), Modo Calm, Yin, Pilates (Mat & Reformer), Vinyasa