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Tracey Currie

I have very distinct memories of my first yoga class. It was in the early nineties, the class was held in a 125 year old church, in a room lit only by candles and as I remember it, it was packed full of yoga mats and people. Always very aware of the space around me, the dimly lit room allowed the other people to blur into the background and all I remember is the melodious voice of the teacher floating through the space as it mingled with the sound of everyone breathing together. The memory of it has stuck with me all these years. It was transformative and it changed the path of my life.

While teaching in Toronto, I was blessed with a handful of very long running classes. A few of them came to natural conclusions after 10-15 of success but one that continues, and I travel in to Toronto to continue teaching to this day, is my Senior Chair yoga class. This beautiful group of students range from 75-97 years young. They light up my week and INSPIRE me regularly.

Favourite Meal: Homemade loaded veggie pizza with Zesto Pesto (cilantro pesto with a little heat) sauce!

Surprising fact about me: I still have the pencil case and Laurentian pencil crayons from when I was in Grade 6!!! And to this day, I refer to colours using the Laurentian pencil crayon names – think, Ultramarine blue, Sarasota orange, Arizona yellow – you get the idea 😀

Certifications: Inaugural 350 hr YTT with Yoga Space in Toronto; 2001, Prenatal Yoga trainings: a) Monica Voss of Esther Myers Studio & b) Janice Clarfield, as well as a variety of trainings and workshops over the years with Hart Lazar, Darby, Mark Whitwell, Ron Reid, Seane Corn, Anodea Judith, Mark Finch (anatomy trains), Dr. Ray Long (anatomy) Dr. Blake Martin (anatomy), Purna Yoga Hawaii (restorative yoga), Aadil Palkivala (Purna Yoga founder) and more.