What I’ll be doing during self-isolation

Joanna is a career woman, wife, mother and yoga enthusiast. Somehow in all of this she finds time to share her thoughts with us, and we love her for it!

We’re only in week 1 of most businesses formally shutting down. Having to work from home PLUS having the kids home presents some new challenges. Fortunately, I’m not alone. During these challenging times, here are some of the top things I’ll be doing:

Going for daily nature walks.
Research shows that going for walks improves the mind, body and soul. Getting regular exercise helps prevent heart disease and other chronic illness, improves mood, reduces stress, improves sleep, and more. It can also give you a free daily dose of vitamin D.

Baking and cooking.
Most days, we don’t have time to bake or cook as a family. We sometimes feel rushed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Over the next few weeks, we’ll find some of our favourite recipes and cook or bake together. We have nowhere to go, so there’s no rush.

Make tie dye shirts.

Tie dying shirts is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids. It’s also one of the best fine motor activities for promoting hand strength and coordination in a fun and playful way.

Spring cleaning.

There are some chores I avoid. Okay more than some. Now that I have 2 little helpers at home, I’ll get them to help with a few more chores. Things like cleaning the windows, blinds and baseboards. Don’t judge! Chores help teach kids responsibility. Whether they’re making their bed or sweeping the floor, helping out around the house helps kids feel capable. Doing chores also helps kids feel like they’re part of the team. Pitching in and helping family members is good for them and it encourages them to be good citizens. You can also go through drawers and toys and donate gently used items. Organizations like Canadian Diabetes Association lets you schedule a free pick up online.

Bike rides.

Riding your bike is an activity the whole family can do together. The smallest tyke can climb into a bike seat or tow-along buggy. And because it’s gentle on your joints, there’s nothing to stop grandparents joining in too. We’re hoping to explore some new trails this year now that the kids have built up their endurance.

Spa day.

What’s better than a day of self-care? Mani’s, pedi’s and facemasks are just what the doctor ordered. Something fun and silly we can do experimenting with all the colours we have.

Binge watch Netflix.

We’re a little behind the times when it comes to Netflix. In fact, we just subscribed to it less than a year ago. We typically watch a lot of sports, news and documentaries. So now, we’ll binge watch shows like Narcos, Breaking Bad and Ozark.

Camping in the basement.

We promised the girls a camping night. So we’ll set up camp in the basement, watch movies, make smores and have an indoor camp sleepover.

Practicing Modo Yoga online.

I’ve been grateful to be a part of Modo Yoga Brooklin community for many years. We find strength in community. The team at Modo Yoga hustled to create Modo Yoga Online. Modo teachers from all over the world contributed to a library of on-demand content. You can access at your convenience.

From my family to yours, may you stay safe and exercise patience during these trying times. Namaste.