We’re Opening!
We’re so excited to be opening our doors on September 1st and can’t wait to see all of you! Things will certainly be a lot different so please read this page so that you are aware of the new protocols.

Class sizes will be limited to 20 people including the instructor. All mat spots will be marked on the floor and will be a least 6 ft apart. You will enter the room through one door and exit out the other. You will have access to the studio 15 minutes prior to each class and we ask that you leave the studio within 15 minutes of class ending. No mingling or hanging out in the lobby.

Heat in the room will be reduced but following the science we will operate with a minimum 40% humidity to maximize risk reduction.

Please bring your own mat, towel, water and any props you might like. We are not offering rental mats, towels, cups, blocks or straps.

As of September 1st we will be reactivating all Autopay Memberships that were put on hold during Covid-19. If you want to keep your membership on hold longer please send us an email at

Mask Up
The Covid numbers in Burlington are currently low and we would like to keep it that way so we will require everyone to wear a mask at all times while in the studio. We know this won’t be particularly comfortable, especially during your practice, but according to all the current science, masks are the best way to stop the spread of the virus indoors. Covid has created great discomfort for us all and how we deal with that discomfort is all part of the practice.

This was not an easy decision to make, but the safety of our community is always our first priority. If you don’t think you can wear a mask for the entire length of your stay, please stick to our virtual classes instead. We will not be supplying masks so please come prepared. A cotton cloth mask will likely be more comfortable for class than an N95 mask.

Studio Etiquette
Change rooms and showers will be closed but there will be access to a washroom if you need it. Best is you come dressed for class and bring minimal personal items with you into the room. If you’re bringing your phone in, please put it on airplane mode or turn it off completely.

Due to this reduced capacity, all classes will be by pre-registration only, no walk-ins.

You can cancel your pre-registration up to 2 hours before class and if you are on a waitlist you might be added to class up to 1 hour before class time.
If you late cancel (within 2 hours of class) or do not show up you will be charged $10. If you’re bumped into a class from the waitlist and are able to attend please confirm your spot! If you do not receive the notification in time and miss class, no worries you won’t be charged in that case.

What We’re Offering
In Studio – We will be starting with a limited number of classes and will add more as demand increases.

Virtual Studio – We have collaborated with other Modo studios in the Ontario area so that we can offer you Live Virtual classes everyday from their instructors as well as some from our own.

Yoga in the Park – We will try to offer a few yoga in the park classes in September, weather permitting.
There are a lot of changes and rules in this email. Some you may or may not like. Please keep in mind we’re doing our best to provide you with a safe place to practice. We’re greatly looking forward to the day when we can have full sweaty classes, conversation over tea and hugs coming and going but until then, this is what it has to look like.

peace, The MYB Team