All Kinds of Kindness (by Sue Mc)

During the holidays, and into the New Year, kindness figures prominently in our hearts and minds. Kindness is in the news, it’s in our community, and in our intentions and actions. We give to charity, open our hearts and homes
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My Yoga Practice – Coping with Injury and Recovery (by Sue Mc)

Yoga feels good. It helps us to be as well as we can be. But what about when we are hurt? Can we continue our practice? Will yoga help? I would like to share my own experience with injury. I
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I’m in it for the Savasana (by Sue Mc)

Like a cool drink of water on a hot day, or that first breath of fresh air when I step out the door into the crispness of an autumn morning, Savasana is, for me, one of the most beautiful moments
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