Grow Your Yoga – Grow Your Forest

At Modo Yoga Burnaby, March and April are Grow your Yoga time. You may be part of the 30/60 Challenge. Maybe you have attended one of the in-studio workshops. Have you been to a karma class lately? If so, you are growing your yoga and growing your forests!

Every year, Modo studios worldwide join together for Grow Your Yoga. It’s a way to grow your practice, and contribute to causes that make our world better for all living things. In 2018, we collectively raised $178,558.47 for the David Suzuki Foundation, JungleKeepers, and One Tree Planted.

These forests cover 55% of our country’s land mass

This year, Modo Burnaby is raising funds for the David Suzuki Foundation, in support of Canada’s boreal forests. Boreal forests are the vast forests in the north. These forests cover 55% of our country’s land mass. They are made up of 20 different tree species that breathe for the earth. In summer, when the trees are growing, carbon dioxide levels are lowered worldwide. Inside these forests live 85 species of mammals,130 species of fish, and 300 species of birds. The forests have a symbiotic relationship with 32,000 different kinds of insects. In these vast forests, life is abundant.

Current practices in logging, mining, oil and gas extraction, and hydro-electric generation are threatening the life cycle of the boreal forests and the creatures who live there. The David Suzuki Foundation is working with its partners to help protect these forests. One of their initiatives is to protect the caribou population in the boreal forests. The David Suzuki Foundation believes that a healthy economy and protection of caribou are not mutually exclusive. They are working to encourage government and industry to adopt practices that will protect this species that is currently “threatened” with extinction under the federal Species at Risk Act.

Indigenous communities have taken leadership in protection of the forests

More than 600 First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities have their traditional territories in the boreal zone. Many indigenous communities have taken leadership in protection of the forests. One of the ways they are doing this is by creating Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas. The David Suzuki Foundation supports these efforts. Here’s a short, beautiful video about Tribal Parks and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas.

Boreal forests are critical to the survival of many species, traditional ways of living on the land, and the future of the planet. When you participate in Grow Your Yoga, you are contributing to a cause that helps to protect these forests. Keep on practising, sign up for a workshop, drop a few dollars into the box at a Friday karma class. It’s good for you and for the earth.

Get ready to celebrate

Oh yes… There’s also a party. Stay tuned for news of a fabulous wrap-up party. And in the meantime, why not say, “thank-you” to a tree and to its cousins in our northern forests. We owe a lot to these very special places.