I’m in it for the Savasana (by Sue Mc)

Like a cool drink of water on a hot day, or that first breath of fresh air when I step out the door into the crispness of an autumn morning, Savasana is, for me, one of the most beautiful moments of my Modo practice. I love Savasana, and not just because it’s easy (it’s not always easy), but because of its total deliciousness and wholesomeness within the practice. So here’s my Ode to Savasana, in honour of our 28-Day Savasana Challenge at Modo Burnaby, October 15-November 11.

Savasana, I love the way you ground me

I can come into the hot room in any frame of mind, any state of body, and Savasana will help prepare me for practice. In Savasana I become aware of my whole self: my thoughts, my sensations, my breath. With nothing else to do but lie still in the pose I find myself re-integrating to one person, with one focus.

Savasana, I love to give up my busy thoughts to you

All of the self-talk that accompanies me through the day can take a pause in Savasana. It’s still there, especially so when I first come to my mat. That “monkey mind” can be extra-dynamic in the quiet of the hot room. I have learned from my Modo teachers to see my thoughts like clouds moving lightly across a clear sky, or train cars moving steadily down the line. I acknowledge them without judging, and let them pass. Slowly, over the course of 5 or 10 minutes, they subside and there is peace.

Savasana, I love the way you reveal my breath to me

My breath slows in Savasana. I find myself breathing less frequently, and less deeply, as I come to a state of rest. This quiet, unforced breath is powerful nonetheless. I notice how it floods my body with the warmth of the room, how it subtly changes the sensation in every part of me as I breath in and out. I greet my breath in Savasana, knowing it will be my guide through the practice soon to come.

Savasana, I love the way you spark my awareness and restore my energy

Savasana happens at the beginning and the end of the practice, but also in the middle. The “midway” Savasana, marks the halfway point, between the standing series and the on-the-mat poses in the second half of the practice. It’s a moment of delicious rest for sure, but also a time to feel the echoes of all that has happened so far. All of the fire and air, space and containment, effort and ease come together during midway Savasana to remind me that I am here, in the middle of this experience. It’s restorative, exciting, and revealing, readying me for what’s coming next.

Savasana, I love the way you challenge me

Savasana is an asana (or pose), not just a rest. Most days I embrace Savasana as beautiful, effortless and nourishing. Some days it’s not like that. Maybe I feel fidgety, or distracted. Maybe something in my body feels tight or painful. The stillness and silence can amplify discomfort, both mental and physical. Sometimes it requires real focus to get into Savasana and stay there, even for a short time. Like any other part of the practice, I use breath as my anchor, and try to stay open and curious. No self-judgment, no expectation, just be in it. I like to think that the pose I find most challenging on any given day reveals to me something important about myself in that moment. Savasana can be like that.

Savasana, I love that you are portable, adaptable, and always available

I can take Savasana pretty much anywhere, any time. All I need is a quiet space, a firm, flat surface, and 5 or 10 minutes. All of the beautiful things that Savasana gives me in the hot room, it can do for me at home, on the beach, in the forest, on my office floor with the door closed, even! So if I don’t make it to the studio during the 28-day challenge, I can still keep up my daily Savasana practice.

Happy 28-Day Challenge to you. I hope you love (or grow to love) Savasana as much as I do.