Nutrition Coaching

There is no one way of eating that works for everyone. We take a whole-person centred approach to nutrition coaching. We acknowledge that food is so much more than just fuel, it’s your whole life. It’s the foundation of your days, and it includes friends and family.

You will work closely with Eric to explore what already works for you and what doesn’t. Together, through a compassionate and scientific approach, we’ll help you to develop healthy habits that are easy to remember and access everywhere you go. We’ll design, monitor, and modify a nutrition support program that works with your lifestyle and interests. It will be sustainable, affordable, useful and energizing.

Because results take time, this program requires a 6-month commitment with four weekly check-in’s per month. Your work, with the support of your coach, will help to build healthy habits, improve your nutritional balance, increase energy, and facilitate a change to your body composition.

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