This Magnificent Month

It’s August – a month whose name is also an adjective, meaning “magnificent.” In honour of this magnificent month, here are 31 things that are most majestic and wonderful about it:

  1. Fresh figs, picked from a neighbour’s tree
  2. Front yards full of dahlias and zinnias
  3. Going out for a whole day without a sweater or socks
  4. The Fair at the PNE
  5. Outdoor concerts
  6. Movies in the park
  7. Farmers’ Markets
  8. Zucchinis (especially stealth surprise zucchini gifts)
  9. Barbeque supper
  10. Picnics
  11. Hiking
  12. Swimming in a lake
  13. Swimming in the ocean
  14. Getting invited out on a friend’s boat
  15. Walking by the water
  16. Granville Island Market
  17. Summer reading
  18. Finishing summer studies and taking a delicious break
  19. Riding your bicycle to wherever you want to go
  20. Enjoying your garden
  21. Eating breakfast on your deck or balcony
  22. Theatre Under the Stars at Stanley Park
  23. Pride
  24. Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival
  25. Crave The Heights
  26. Road trips
  27. Camping and backpacking
  28. Paddling a kayak
  29. Stargazing
  30. Walking outside during a cooling rainstorm
  31. Summer Modo practice

There are so many things that make August august. Enjoy this magnificent month!