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Andrea Stewart


It’s never too late to start again…and again. As a young adult Andrea worked many years in the hospitality business. At the age of 25 she went back to school and completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, followed by a degree in Social Work. Marriage and growing a family soon became her focus. After many years, and at the age of 45, she once again was faced with a new experience: creating herself over. During a difficult time, Andrea found yoga or as they say yoga found Andrea. The mat became her place to begin healing a broken marriage and to develop new tools to be in the world as a stronger version of herself. 

After two years of developing a strong yoga practice, for her a strong commitment to growth and wellness, She set her goal on becoming a yoga instructor. Since 2013 Andrea has been a teacher at Modo yoga Charlottetown. She provides her students with clear instructions and the integration of breath with movement. Her mindfulness approach throughout her guidance is great for mental health. Andrea is dedicated to providing a safe welcoming energy that encourages her students to strengthen their mind/body connections for healing the whole person.