Kelly Ellis

Studio Manager / Teacher

I first stumbled across Modo yoga in Halifax one sunny afternoon. My inquisitive nature drew me in and I am convinced that during my very first Modo class something clicked – a new journey had begun. It was love at first stretch! I was amazed at the positive changes this sweaty practice was bringing to my mind, body, and overall self awareness. I had finally found my breath and began to learn how to work through moments of anxiety, stress, and self doubt – the physical changes happening to my body were just a bonus! With a background in volleyball, track and field and personal training it was so nice to finally give something back to my body.

I had tried a few career paths, and spent time earning degrees in Psychology and Social Work, but always felt there was something else out there for me that would combine my skills and education with my desire to reach people on a life-changing level. After a year of practicing Modo I instinctively knew that it was time to explore life as a yoga instructor. So I went for it and applied for the 2009 Modo training in Las Vegas. Since then I have never looked back – gaining knowledge and growing exponentially as I spent the past three years teaching in studios across Canada and most recently in my beautiful hometown, Charlottetown.

If I had to sum myself up in one paragraph I would say: I am happiest outside on a sunny day (preferably at the beach!) and spend my free time gettin’ sweaty in the hot room, hanging out with friends and my dog, Gordo, and planning my next road trip. My vices are chocolate and vanilla lattes. I love to bake healthy treats, experiment in the kitchen and share meals with friends. I hold my true friends and family very close to my heart and consider their support to be a huge part of my happiness and zest for life.

My goal as a yoga instructor is to connect to students and guide them to discover a sense of play, calm, and strength in their yoga practice. I love to challenge myself and those that I guide to break through barriers and just go for it – because if you never try you never know! I feel incredibly grateful for the chance to share my endless energy and passion for yoga with everyone in Charlottetown.