Scott MacTaggart


Scott began his journey into yoga in early 2012. Taking his first hot yoga class at MYC, he quickly fell in love with the practice. Finding a place to just let go and breath became more and more important to him. Working towards a sense of balance, flexibility and grounding on his mat, it was amazing to see how this transformation started to flow into his daily life – and continues to do so. It didn’t take long before falling in love with the Modo community. In 2013, Scott joined the Energy Exchange team at the studio.

The search began for a deeper connection to his practice. In 2014, Scott took a month away from his career in nursing and completed his Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. He describes the training as being one of the best experiences of his life.

Scott hopes to help people find that connection between body, mind, and breath. Encouraging students to find a balance between effort and surrender. To subtly peel away layers to find their whole, individual and awesome selves.

Scott feels there are so many things in life to love; the feeling of hot PEI sand under his feet and the crunch of colourful fall leaves underfoot, gooey black bean brownies and crispy kale chips, big walks with the dogs and vegging out by the fire with a good book, the warmth of the sun and the cooling glow of the moon, taking deep breaths in and longer breaths out, vegetarian cooking, travelling to new places, the smell of thyme and the taste of ginger tea, staying active and exploring the rejuvenating practice of Yoga Nidra, his supportive partner and a looooong, kick-butt Savasana.

-If you want to fly, give everything up that weighs you down. (Author unknown)