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Meighan Forbes


Meighan first discovered the benefits of Pilates after she was sidelined by injury in 2001. She began to study the method and body conditioning system developed by Joseph Pilates. “I was impressed by the technique and the impact it had on healing my body; most significantly, the combined power of the body and mind.” After countless hours of personal practice and private mentorship she jumped in with both feet and took her first teacher training in 2003.

Meighan is known for her playful and powerful teaching methods. She blends her knowledge from years of excellent training in dance, sports conditioning, personal practice and formal trainings. She has a strong appreciation of the body and the subtle messages it provides. Her personal goal is to expose each student to the joy and satisfaction that comes from intelligent exercise.

Most importantly Meighan is fiercely proud of her colourful family; her niece and nephew are amazing! She loves to putter in the garden and work with her partner on refurbishing their over 100 year old home!