Robin Hewitt

Robin hails from Montague, the Beautiful on the sweet, little Isle of Prince Edward. She comes from a super family that enjoys travelling the world in search of the perfect beach and long-lost treasures. Robin loves to learn and has explored many pathways in her short time on earth – from studying nursing, history, education and French to working in tourism, the school system, the public service and now yoga. She knows she still has lots to absorb and appreciate about herself and the world and looks forward to continuing her education in these fields.
Robin stretched her way into her first Ashtanga yoga class in 2000 and couldn’t drag her blissfully aching muscles away until 2008 when a foot and knee injury forced her take a short reprieve. She soon found herself pining for the physical and spiritual elements of her practice and soon came to discover Hatha and Yin yoga as wonderful alternatives. In 2010, Robin stepped into her first Hot Yoga class at the Modo Yoga Charlottetown studio and was immediately hooked. Through Modo she found an exhilarating practice, a supportive community and a restored love for teaching.
Robin and her uber-hipster husband Jonathan live in Stratford with their two fur-babies Amigo and Daisy. They love travelling south in the winter, painting abstract art in the spring, eating out in the summer and hiking the Confederation Trails in the fall. Friends, family, work and wine make their world go round and they feel very lucky to be able to call PEI home.